Montana Mouthful – Issue 3~ (The Weight) [29 October 2018]

On the Premises – Issue 32~ (The Song of Majabin) [15 October 2018]

Former Cactus – Issue 12~ (Tilt-A-Whirl) [1 October 2018]

Riggwelter #14 ~ (Doing the Arithmetic)  1 October 2018

Furtive Dalliance – Issue 3~ (Sounds So Familiar) [15 September 2018]

Bacopa Literary Review ~ (Pirouette) [1 September 2018]

Postcard Poems & Prose Magazine ~ (I Am Promilla) [11 August 2018]

Spelk ~ (The Difference Between Us) [10 August 2108]

Bending Genre ~ (We’re Toast) [6 August 2018]

Flash Flood ~ (For the Want of a Robot)  [16 June 2018]

Page & Spine ~ (Anam Cara) [1 February 2018]

Ink in Thirds ~ (In a Mad Girl’s Eden) [May/June 2018 Issue]

Ellipsis: Two ~(“Spliced Alike”) [2018]

ELM ~ ELm Leaves Journal ~ The Blues Issue ~(Shiver in My Bones)[ 1 February 2018]

Coffin Bell Journal ~ (“Seeds”)  [1 January 2018]

200 CCs: Year One Anthology ~ (“Matriculating”) [23 December 2017]

Flash Fiction Magazine ~ (You Can Change the Name )[ 22 December 2017]

Ellipsis : One ~(The Basket Case) [1 November 2017]

Write Well Award Anthology ~ (Men of Science) [20 September 2017]

Blueshift Journal ~ (“Our Mother’s Memoir was Released Posthumously. On Purpose”) [Issue 7 ~ 1 June 2017]

Journal of Compressed Creative Arts ~(“Meeting Notes”) [6 February 2017]

200 CCs ~(“Matriculating”) [17 December 2016]

The Flash Fiction Press ~ (“The Math Teacher Portion”) [12 November 2016]

Jellyfish Review ~ (“It Only Hurts When I Smile”) [9 November 2016]

New World Writing ~ (“Birth Control”) [1 September 2016]

Bare Back Magazine ~ (“Sweet Spot”) [October 2016 Issue]

Donut Factory Express ~  (“An Alice is An Alice is An Alice”) [Coming in both the Fall Issue and the Year End Issue]

Dime Show Review ~ (“Something to Talk About”) [27 August 2016]

Pure Slush ~ Suits Issue (“Closer to Whole”) [12 March 2016]

New World Writing (“I Saw the Announcement in the Paper”) [22 November 2015]

Jellyfish Review (“Pretty Changes”) [6 November 2015]

Vine Leaves Best of 2015 Anthology (“Could Have Been Us”) [10 December 2015]

Kaleidoscope (“Men of Science”) [Winter/Spring 2016 Issue 72]

*Between a Vacuum and Empty Space Anthology – Divertir Publishing (“Between a Vacuum and Empty Space”) [Coming soon!]

Mash Up Stories (“Prudence”) [13 August 2015]

50 Word Stories (“Say Sayonara to My American Car”) [18 February 2015]

Best New Writing 2016 ~ Hopewell Publications (“We Were Those Girls”) [20 October 2015]

Slink Chunk Press (“The Gnomes They’ve Known”) [8 February 2015]

Condensed to Flash: World Classics by Vestal Review (“If Only”) [June 2015]

Vine Leaves (“Could Have Been Us”) [Issue 13 – January 2015]

Black Heart Magazine (“Vocabulary Lessons”) [11 November 2014]

Page and Spine (“Standing with Stair Legs”) [1 August 2014]

Ruthless Peoples Magazine (“The Girl Who Loved God”) [9 April 2014]

Matter Press: The Journal of Compressed Creative Arts (“I’m Calling Him Skippy”) [10 March 2014]

Queen City Flash Anthology Edited by Gary Earl Ross (“Wildflower Wishes”) [January 2014]

Chicago Literarti (“That Heavenly News”) [6 January 2014]

Literary Orphans (“Things Left Unspoken”) [Issue 8 ~Tallchief~ 22 August 2013]

Metazen (“Why the Wall the Why”) [13 August 2013]

Bards and Sages Quarterly (“Cosmas, Reporting for Duty”) [October 2013]

Connotation Press (“Compact Wings”) [15 September 2013]

The Subterranean Quarterly (“Same as the Old”) [Spring 2013]

The Good Men Project Funny Sex Stories (“The Way I Heard It”) [18 March 2013]

The Molotov Cocktail (“It’s Like That Song”) [Volume 3, Issue 21 16 January 2013]

Paranormal Horror Anthology ~Simone Press (“Aspen Lullaby”) [Released 13 December 2012]

Necessary Fiction (“The Attraction of Butterflies”) [8 October 2012]

Rosebud Magazine (“Bess No More”) [Winter Issue 54]

The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature (“Educated Rita”) [August 2012 Issue]

Every Day Fiction (“Pinging”) [28 May 2012 ~ Memorial Day Issue]

The Chrysalis Reader (“Delaware and the Rip-Off King”) [Patterns Issue 2013]

The Legendary (“The Virgin Forest”) [January 20, 2011 Issue 34]

Boston Literary Magazine (“All Grown Up”) [Winter 2011-2012]

Thematic Literary Magazine (“Where Is The App For This?”) [September 2011]

Daily Love (“Crazy Love”) [16 July 2011]

Eclectic Flash (“A Stranger So Helpful”) [April 2011]

Thema (“Paused Upon A Precipice”) [Spring 2011]

Best of 2010 Eclectic Flash (“Quick and Dirty”) [December 2010]

Boston Literary Magazine (“Rats”) [Winter 2010-2011]

Sci-Fi Short Story Magazine (“The Contract”) [Jan/Feb 2011]

Faith, Hope, and Fiction (“The Planting Season”) [Jul/Aug 2010]

Eclectic Flash (“Quick and Dirty”) [April 2010]

Vestal Review (“The Virgin Forest”) [Summer 2009]


“The Weight” Montana Mouthful’s 406 Flash Contest Second Place Winner ~ [29 October 2018]

“My Song for Majabin” On the Premises Near Death/32nd Contest Second Prize ~ [15 October 2018]

“I Am Promilla” Postcard Poems and Prose Magazine “Clutch” Contest Winner~ [11 August 2018]

“The Horrible Heat” London Independent Story Prize Winner ~ [10 February 2018]

“Men of Science” Write Well Award Winner~ nominated by Kaleidoscope [Winter/Spring 2016 Issue 72]

“Pretty Changes” Best Small Fictions Finalist ~nominated by Jellyfish Review [4 January 2016]

“I Saw the Announcement in the Paper”Pushcart Nominee chosen by New World Writing [22 November 2015]

“Vocabulary Lessons” ~ Best of the Net Nominee chosen by Black Heart Magazine ~ [October 2015]

“We Were Those Girls” ~ Winner ~ The Gover Prize [July 2015]

“The Life and Crimes of Blue Sheffield” Third Place ~ Houston Writers Guild Genre Contest-Women’s Fiction [12 April 2014]

“We Were Those Girls” Second Place ~Mary Kennedy Eastham Flash Fiction Competition [January 2014]

“Time is a Tortoise That Swallows You Whole” Finalist ~ Southeast Review Summer Writer’s Regimen [2013]

“Crazy Love” Third Prize ~ Mary Kennedy Eastham Flash Fiction Competition [January 2012]

“It’s Like That Song” Honorable Mention ~ Mary Kennedy Eastham Flash Fiction Competition [January 2012]

“Halcyone Descending” Top 10 ~ On the Premises Contest [October 2011]

“Ellie’s Elephants” Top 25 Scorer ~ Houston Writers Guild Novel Competition [Spring 2011]

“Best Foot Forward” Finalist ~ Shattering the Glass Slipper Contest [Spring 2011]

“Coffee Would Be Good” Third Place ~ John Wood Community College Creative Writing Contest [June 2009]

“Pickle” First Prize ~ Science Fiction/Fantasy Contest ~ Writers’ Journal [Nov/Dec 2008]

“Delaware and the Rip-Off King” ~ Honorable Mention ~ 20 December 2006 Write to Win Contest ~ Writers’ Journal [May/June 2007]


Wicked Banshee (Some Mothers” and “My First Big Break”) [Soon!]

Jumping Blue Gods (“Traveling With Paper Dolls”) [11 August 2012]

Jumping Blue Gods (“Quagmire”) [11 August 2012]

The Buffalo News ~ Sunday Spotlight Section (“June’s Chapter”) [1 July 2012]

Bong is Bard (“Purple Reign”) [22 May 2012]

Anatomy & Etymology (“Her”) [November/December 2011]

Sex and Murder Magazine (“What are Friends For?”) [ July 2011]

Slingshot Litareview (“Brandy”) [19 April 2011]

Inkspill (“Dark Daughter”) [April 2011]

Writers’ Journal (“The Constructors”) [Mar/Apr 2011]

The Springville Journal (“Spring Forth Already”) [24 March 2011]

Midwest Literary Magazine (“I’ll Tell You This”) [March 2011]

Writers’ Journal (“Roles Unscripted but Cast Anyway”) [Jan/Feb 2011]

Girls with Insurance (“The Scholar’s Initiation”) [4 June 2010]

Writers’ Journal (“The Summer Social Season”) [Nov/Dec 2010]

The Springville Journal (“Stewardship”) [27 September 2007]

The Springville Journal (“Pressing Problems”) [31 May 2007]


“I’ll Tell You This” MLM Distinction in Poetry Award ~ Midwest Literary Magazine [July 2011]

“The Summer Social Season” Special Mention ~ December 2009 Poetry Contest~ Writers’ Journal [Jul/Aug 2010]

“Roles Unscripted but Cast Anyway” Special Mention ~ December 2009 Poetry Contest~ Writers’ Journal [Jul/Aug 2010]

“The Constructors” Special Mention ~ December 2009 Poetry Contest~ Writers’ Journal [Jul/Aug 2010]

“By August” Special Mention ~ December 2006 Poetry Contest~ Writers’ Journal [Jul/Aug 2007]


The Buffalo News ~My View (“Showing Up After the Acts / Sharing Grief Helps Ease Your Suffering”) [8 November 2016]

The Good Men Project (“The Nature of the Nectar “) [April 2013 ]

Life Bytes ~ Guest Blog (“The Art of the Letter”) [12 July 2010]

WBFO Listener Commentary (“Paint It Again, Sam”) [October 2010]

The Rambler (“January 16, 1997”) [Jan/Feb 2009]


“What I was Going to Remind You of Someday” Winner ~ “You Could Have Had Me” contest ~ Girls with Insurance [January 2011]

“The True Audacity of Hope” Third Place ~ John Wood Community College Creative Writing Contest [June 2009]


Flash Fiction Sunday Edition 10/4/2015 DeRicki Johnson on my story “Prudence”

Top 10 Literary Magazines To Send Your Flash To Michael Chaney with a shout out on my “Things Left Unspoken”

Fictional Fat Cats A nice mention by Jodi Paloni on her blog, Stone’s Throw
* Accepted pending publication



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