Month: September 2013

The Push Hard To Get It Done Time of Year

Yeah, if I had taken pictures, I’d post them, but these last few days have been word savvy. I’ve been submitting like crazy. I’ve been editing. I’ve taken up an off the cuff challenge from Ramesh and nailed it. Twenty submissions went out in two days. Fist bump baby!

Regardless, you are pretty and I love that you’re reading me.

Did you see this? Compact Wings ~ Connotation Press   Meg Tuite chose it. I really like this story. I hope you do, too.

I’m so excited that I’ll be attending Mary Aker’s book launch on Saturday. In the Roycroft!!! I’m so excited! Plus, Ron will be back as my library partner. The West Falls-Colden Community Library is an awesome space. If you’re nearby, please stop by.

I know, not much of a blog post, but the super-submission mode I’ve been in has kind of thrown me for a loop. It’s a “push forward, take care of the yard, prepare for winter, don’t be disappointed by other’s actions” sort of time. I love the crispness and the colors this time of year. Thanks for the read!

And just for you, a quick pic of Husband’s new tractor shed:


(These are just my creekside reflections. Your experiences may vary.)


A bittersweet goodbye to August and summer

To everyone near, far, online, and otherwise, THANK YOU! I can’t imagine a better time than I’ve had recently. Before I get to the pictures, I want to give these props : Mike Joyce thank you for not only accepting my story “Things Left Unspoken“ and publishing it in the Tallchief Issue of Literary Orphans but also for the shout out on your editor’s note. To Michael A. Chaney, TED presenter, wicked brilliant person, I ❤ you for citing  “Things Left Unspoken” in your 30 August 2013 blog post, Top 10 Literary Magazines to Send Your Best Flash (and maybe get accepted too).  That was incredible. I also want to thank Alex Pruteanu just because he’s an awesome writer and friend and I think everyone should buy his book.

That said, what a fabulous traveling party. Family and friends arrived on Saturday the 24th. RISK was played, beer was sampled, bridge hands dealt, guitars played, and mallets were swung. (And when the pictures show up in my account, I’ll post them.) From here to Pennsylvania and back again with people from Portland Oregon, Boston Mass, Washington D. C. and Marilla and Depew. The following Sunday, we met up with our friends from Chicago and had a proper Sunday Chivetta’s chicken dinner in Arcade.

Husband went back to work on Tuesday so he could rest up from his vacation. I’ve been a ‘football mom’ lately and that has come to an end. Now, I press on with my writing. Yesterday, I received a personal, encouraging rejection from The Missouri Review. Today, I’ll be sending off an application for an Advanced Fiction Seminar. I have no idea how good my chances are–I just know it will be a no if I don’t try.

No matter, I have these incredible sunflowers in my garden attracting the bees.


The sweetgum tree has already started to turn,pic1so it’s so long to summer and hello autumn.

Thanks for stopping by!

(These are just my creekside reflections. Your experiences may vary.)