Month: September 2012

Preparing for Winter Normalcy

Before I start, I have to say I had an odd thing occur.  I heard someone talking about the movie “Gattaca” and I wanted to see it. Though I don’t recall buying it, I own it on DVD, so I am watching it now. Uma’s eyes are awesome, btw.

I’m looking around, thinking “We start a lot of projects at this house.” This year, we came close to finishing a few of them.

The garden shed has a roof and most of the shelves are in place. I’ve been gathering things from the many places the “garden” stuff has been stashed over the years. Now I can be all anal-retentive and put all of the pots and planters in proper order.

The household plants came in last night. A few still need to be taken upstairs, but they are in. The stereo was broken down and resituated. The next steps are the furniture rearrangement, wood stacking, the screens replaced with storm windows and the last of the tomatoes canned. Ah, winter prep…Nothing else like it.

And in case you haven’t heard my awesome news by now, I’ll say it again: Rosebud Magazine, one of the most awesome magazines ever, accepted one of the stories I wrote this summer. “Bess No More” is slated to appear in Issue 54. I am so pleased!

My real-life writer’s group started up again. Shirley Reeves gave me a detailed, wonderful critique of “Ellie’s Elephants.” She made great points and I’m nearly ready to jump back into rewriting. I really had hoped it was “done,” but now with the new flaws exposed, I’m ready to polish it even harder. I love that baby. I want it picked up by a reader and loved just as much… I also want to start a new novel, so I’ll be busy (as if that is something new) for a while.

Remind me sometime to tell you about why you shouldn’t have long, late night chats with a poet–specifically Sundin Richards–unless you can commit to three days of recovery. It was an awesome time though, from what I remember…

May your next two weeks be as awesome as my past two have been!




*These are just my creekside reflections. Your experiences may vary.






Killer Tomatoes, because that’s what I grow.

My trip to Chicago was the best one so far. I spent time with friends and this time I went to the top of the Sears (Willis) Tower and even stepped out into the glass over-hang and had my picture taken. I don’t know what it is about that city–I’m generally scared to death of heights–but while I was there, I was fearless.

Back at home, I was pleased to find that my tomatoes had not all turned red at once. I was even home to pick this killer.

Over three pounds! People who have seen the plants and the harvest so far have asked what I did. I don’t know what to say because I planted my seeds later than normal and I didn’t think I’d have a good crop this year. The peppers I grew from the seeds from the peppers I got from Natalie last year were the ones that survived the slug attack. They are producing like crazy and have the most wonderful heat. I didn’t plant spaghetti squash this year, but the volunteers produced some great specimens that have found homes.

As to my other babies… I wrote–or at least started–30 pieces this summer. (Good Lord I love free-writing!) I’ve been working back through them and have 7 polished and ready to go out during this new season. When I saw that Tin House was looking for submissions with the theme of “this means war,” I smiled. I had one of those.

Queries for “Ellie’s Elephants” are going out to agents again. Having a few more credits and a little more experience is helping, I think. I just re-read the latest query letter and it sounds both more excited and more relaxed–if that makes sense. After so many re-writes and tweakings, I feel like I “know” this book better than I should, and now it’s a matter of finding someone to babysit.

Besides, I think I found my new love. I don’t know what to call it yet, but I’ll be chomping at the bit, waiting to write it. Let’s go NaNo!

Until next time!

*These are just my creekside reflections. Your experiences may vary.