Month: October 2011

Caught Off Guard

I have an acquaintance who regularly insists that once I send a submission out, I should stop thinking about it. Easy for him to say. I tend to obsess. I eagerly refresh pages for contest results, keep looking at NPR’s 3-Minute Fiction page to find the stories there before the program has even started–not that I’ve found on of my stories there yet–and I’ve attempted every single round. I check to see if the status of “Of Wild Rides and Pirate Eyes” is still under review at a magazine that’s had it since April. Submishmash is refreshed so often that I’m surprised it hasn’t scolded me yet. Or sent me an invitation to an OCD clinic.

So it was a shock to open my email after Writer’s Group on Tuesday to see that NYFA was open to submissions. I don’t know how that happened. I’ve attempted to win a Fellowship from them for years. I think I even had it on my list of things to do–have my submission done AHEAD of time this year–and I totally forgot about it.

What I have been doing is clearing the library out for NaNo. I only have a vague idea this year. The working title is “Finding Forest.” I’m signed up on the site and nearly ready to start. I’m looking forward to the camaraderie. It’s a huge task and knowing others are out there helps immensely.

I have also stumbled upon a few contests (free or nearly so) that I’m interested in entering. Today, I found another. It was for a poem with ‘Diana’ (Artemis-not princess) as the subject. I have one. I knew it was saved to a file somewhere but I had to hunt it down on paper because for some odd reason, it was not on a computer file anywhere. When I found it, it was rather sparse, so I knew I had another poem that also mentioned Diana and do you think I can even find it on paper? No. I’m back to the hunt when I wrap this up.

Sadly, I have got to sort the piles of papers out. The office is completely out of control. Looking in the direction of that room makes me want to cry. I’m not usually this out of order. It sucks. Remodeling the house so late in the year wasn’t the best laid out plan… *Sigh*

And I could berate myself for taking off to Indiana but I can’t. I had the most wonderful time with Husband and my “ex” family. So many great conversations and experiences and people! I’m waiting for the photos to be developed and I’ll get to enjoy that weekend a little bit more.

So, now it is off to post this, sigh (or sob) at the sad state of the office and try to make headway before I take off to go grocery shopping, because it’s Thursday and that’s what I tend to do and holding on to some form of ritual seems like the best raft to cling to during this pre-NaNo time.
I hope your next two weeks are far less stressful!


Happy National Poetry Day!

I refuse to get my hopes up about this upcoming trip. I mean, I go down to Pennsylvania thinking that I’ll stay away from the internet, then I veg out watching ancient Youtube clips that I never got around to seeing before. This weekend, I have no idea how isolated from the web I’ll be. If I’m desperate (let’s hope not) I could painfully use my terrorist network phone to check my email–if I remember to buy a minute phone card thingy, and my password, but I’m hoping that I can just let it go–be internet free–remind myself that even though I am addicted, I did go a few years without checking Facebook and Duotrope every half hour.

On Zoetrope I’m looking forward to the celebration thread this week. I kicked butt! 14 submissions this week and one rejection–though I’m writing this at 9:30 p.m. the night before check-in so that’s subject to change. Last count: 65 things are out! Yes! That is a record, I believe. I’ve been vacillating between setting a new goal and not. The problem is progression and acceptances. As I was lamenting to a friend in a letter, I had accepted Marko Fong’s challenge to get 50 things out–just about this time last year(?) and I did. Now, left to my own devices, I’m pondering if I should shoot for 100 or be staid and easy on myself with 75. I just don’t know.

Unbelievably, I woke up and after checking the sites out, I still have 65 things out. At least 5 pieces are either ‘under consideration’ or ‘in progress’ — minor steps up from ‘received’ to be sure, but further along than what they were. And one place I sent a piece to listed a one day rejection on Duotrope giving me hope that my piece is in the running (or I forgot to hit send.)

*Sigh*  Waiting is unnerving.

There is a rather lengthy list of things I should be getting done, but I haven’t had enough coffee yet, and it’s cold. I don’t know how low the temperature got last night, but there wasn’t a frost though I covered the pepper plants–the tomatoes were left to their fate. That is still on my list. Tomatoes. I’ve grown so many this year.

So, I’m off to pack and consider a few days away from the computer. I’m looking forward to seeing people who are a part of my family that I miss. So the Cleveland trip never worked out–this is better. A wedding–who knows what stories this will inspire. I hope it does, too. Nano is fast approaching and I have a vague concept for my novel, but that’s all.

*Sigh* NaNo…Again. So flippin’ soon.

Happy National Poetry Day to all!