Month: August 2011

Deadlines Work For Me

Anymore, writing seems to have a good side that equals the sadness. On Tuesday, I finished the outline of Ellie’s Elephants and sent it to my (fingers crossed) future copy editor. I was under a deadline to get that task done and I did. I was so happy to step away from the computer screen after I sent it!

Sadly, I also received two rejections that day. The upshot was that one was personal, gave very specific criticism, said it was close to being accepted and that from a place I really want to have my work appear in. Such is life…

In the meantime, the washing machine started to smoke. It didn’t quite die, but the resulting delay has me behind on just one more thing and company is coming on Friday and I’d hoped to be caught up by now–or at least be a bit closer to having a semi clean house.

And though I’d heard grumblings of it, went to the restaurant and saw the new lust of my husband’s life, it arrived last night. While I agree the current front door had issues, I just didn’t expect the replacement to arrive so soon and be this grand. It’s a full light door with two full light windows on either side and then atop that is a curved arch with buffaloes etched into it. I think they are buffaloes. Maybe rams? I‘m not up on my horned animals. The fin tube will have to be cut, electric outlets and speaker plugs on the inside and outside will have to be moved, the light switches, the coat hooks… And it’s August.

Will this get done before winter? Will we have enough firewood put up? Will I have the final (Ha!) touches on the book done before I have to send it to the copy editor? These questions and more will be answered at a future time. At least the ‘did I meet the deadline’ one next time. It has to be pried from my hands on the first of September. I plan on having anxiety attacks. Perhaps if I expect them, they will not come. Until September, take care.


Making Summer Last

I’m convinced that sitting in the pergola makes news more palatable. Most mornings, I’ve been sitting out there with my coffee and reading the lunatic report–I mean the Buffalo News’ coverage of the shenanigans happening in Washington. I found a rejection in my inbox this morning before I went out and even that seemed less painful than it might otherwise have been.

The last few weeks have been crammed full of RL people and I’ve enjoyed it so much. Croquet on a Saturday morning after a Blair breakfast was such fun. I hope we can do that more often with more people, though the intimacy of that morning was pleasant and a great way to begin the day. A trip to Pennsylvania to visit. My sister coming to a reading at Kellie’s–plus it was the first time she’s been to our house. A shopping trip with Sheila. A reunion with my classmates, and Saturday is an anniversary party for a couple who have managed to remain together for 50 years (Wow!) So much to write about and explore. I will not mind remembering these summer encounters when it’s freezing outside!

The heat hasn’t been bad here compared to say Oklahoma, but still I find myself waking early to go outside and do chores before the real heat begins. Tuesday, I put up at least three and a half cords of wood by myself. I’m caught up with what I can get on the splitter. I tried not to be insane about it, but I’m still bruised. Luckily, the bruises will be covered by any skirt or dress I wear to the party on Saturday.

I haven’t been “out” in a while and my closet reflects this. While getting ready for the reunion, I discovered I had skirts that didn’t match any tops and vice versa. (Yes, I am grateful for the problems I have.) I ended up buying several things that have mix and match potential. Now if I could only part with some of the clothes in my closet to make room for these new ones… Even the upcoming yard sale hasn’t been enough to entice me to do a gathering up of ‘things that are no longer necessary in my life’ and I really should do that but… Oh the excuses I could give you… It’s just so nice outside. Is it a crime to enjoy it? I think it’s a more serious crime not to.

I keep catching myself not breathing when I realize that I’m going to be sending Ellie’s Elephants to a copy editor soon. The suggestions and corrections I received from the most awesome people–my first readers–were invaluable and I’m so grateful to Betty, Natalie and Sheila for their input. (Thanks guys!) But it’s time to wrap up this latest revision and send my baby away to be polished even more. (Fingers crossed that this all works out with the contract and continued interest in the story.)

I’m nervous about this next step. Instead of dealing with it, I’ve been submitting like mad and writing new flashes and polishing poems and writing letters. Someone needs to push me, I think. I’m afraid I’ll fall so I’m dancing close to the edge of ‘the next step’ but well within the cordoned off area. Maybe in the next two weeks I’ll have crawled over the fence and plunged in without fear. Or I’ll be waist high in tomatoes and decide I need to make salsa and sauce…anything to make this wonderful summer last a little bit longer.