Fleeting Summer Focus

While I’m a firm believer in the adage well begun is half done, that doesn’t mean I’ve gotten any further than half way through with this rewrite. *Sigh.* I’d like to believe it isn’t the worst thing in the world.

This spring was a record setter for rain. Now that it’s dried out, I want to work in the garden and take walks by the creek. On Tuesday, I saw two of the tiniest deer–they were only as tall as the dog. They were so young, they didn’t have their spots yet. The next morning, husband saw one from the kitchen window and thought it was a fox.

The wild roses are in bloom and smell divine. Sweet peas, buttercups, daisies… Fireflies dancing around at night so brilliantly… A partially built pergola and a roofless garden shed… It is these things that are taking up my time and thoughts. And I just spotted a wild strawberry… If I promise to incorporate these sights and smells and textures into a future piece, can I cut myself some slack about the lack of progress on the rewrite? Probably not. I’m very adept at beating myself up for the smallest things…

It is the 16th of June. NYFA has not announced the winners of the fellowships yet. I hate waiting for announcements. I hope it isn’t like the first time I entered the poetry category. After a painfully long wait, the deadline for the announcement weeks past, a new announcement came up, it would be a month later than what they originally anticipated… Madness!

I think part of my problem is that I haven’t made a list of how to go about this rewrite, and I should. Perhaps that’s what I’ll do after I post this, and send relevant articles I came across to two women in my writer’s group, and check the status of my submissions on Submishmash, and look at the recent responses on Duotrope…