Month: March 2011

Spring Cleaning

I don’t know how things work in your household, but I’m partial to clearing all of the spider webs away the week before Halloween and my ‘spring cleaning’ seems to be a year long endeavor. It is St. Patrick’s Day and this is the first year in many that I could be planting peas, but since I don’t know where the fence and the new raised beds will be–exactly–I’m not going to be doing that, though I may hunt down some troughs and plant some on the patio ala Chyo when I go shopping tonight.

This morning I took the Buffalo News out to the bench and had coffee with fresh air. I’ve missed being able to do that. The red oak and the beech are each letting go of their leaves, so spring really did come early this year–just as the rodent predicted on the 2nd of February.

The door of the refrigerator was cleaned and cleaned of out dated condiments today. A load of socks is in the dryer. I don’t like doing socks or cleaning out the refrigerator door, but I do those things first, to get the unpleasantness out of the way, then the rest of the task seem to go easier. I wish it were that way for writing.

Don’t get me wrong; sometimes, all I want to do is re-write, but as a general concept, not so much. And I can’t revise a story I haven’t written and first drafts–while fun– are rarely one’s best work. So I’m left doing things the way I don’t like to do them when it comes to writing. Until there is a time machine, I have to save the hard part for last and rewrite and revise after the fun part is over.


I think it’s time to sort the socks… Happy Spring!


Another Thursday

So, here it is Thursday again and I know in the past two weeks I’ve had several ideas about what to write about today… yet nothing comes to mind as I sit down to type. I’m glad I don’t have that problem when it comes to writing stories.

Somewhere–in one of my notebooks–there is the beginning of an essay about Beauty. Since I can’t find it, I am certain it is perfect and trying to recreate it would be folly. I have spent the last few days gathering up the notebooks and arranging them in chronological order. Now I’m going through them and marking things to go back to… abandoned stories, poems, dialogue that needs a story, letters that have the beginnings of essays within…

In the heaped up mash of spiral ends, it didn’t seem that much, now that they are sorted out, it looks loftier. For some reason, I had thought it would be a good idea to rip the pages out of the notebooks and place them in a three ring binder. Luckily, I did not do that for very long. The years 1992-1994 are in such an arrangement. From 1995 to present, the notebooks are now in magazine holders.

It’s interesting to note that 1996,1998 and 1999 were very prolific–each year needs two holders. After that, there is only one holder for each year.

Well, there is a flash that I’m interested in working on. It’s new, jotted down while in the bath on Sunday. And I have to sort out a problem with PBS. It seems someone in Chicago isn’t able to fill out a form correctly. “Mel” ordered “Masterpiece Mystery” and I know this because I keep getting notices about the order.

Lent begins soon… The next “Reflection” will be 100% alcohol free. See you then!