Month: April 2010

A Saturday in April

Last week, a challenge was put out on the Zoetrope boards… Have 50 things out at once. It was a daunting thought – at first – but once I looked at my binder, I saw that I had a few things that I still believe with all my heart are good enough and worthy of print – so I agreed.

I gave myself a two week option – because, let’s face it: I didn’t want to fail. I reread, edited, cut and got 13 things out this week. With the other bits of writing I already have out circulating in slush piles, I was down to 15 more things… Sigh… Then I signed on: a rejection sat there. I went out to get the mail: another rejection notice. (Also my copies of Eclectic Flash with ‘Quick and Dirty’ inside so it wasn’t all bad.)

So, I know that I can meet the challenge of 50 things out by next Friday. I will not be checking my email on Friday though… Or Thursday… and possibly Wednesday.


So Long March, Hello Spring

The weather has been fantastic and I’ve taken the beasts for multiple walks.  My writing has been in my notebook and so it hasn’t ended up in this blog.  There’s threat of rain today, so I’m upstairs waiting on the mail’s arrival. With any luck, it will hold good news.  After a few bruising rejections, I could use good news.

I turned 42 in the past week. I’m surprized, but grateful that I’ve made it this long. I have two stories that need to be finished; I don’t usually work with an outline, but these two tumbled out so quickly that I was forced to capture them that way.  In a very bizarre turn of events, a person at Samuel French wants a look-see at the one story. Interest is interest.  I’m still puzzled by his request, but I plan to wrap the story up in time for this month’s writer’s group. After the savage reviews and caustic comments come in, I’ll re-write if I need to and perhaps set it aside for the minimum of a week before I look at it again. So if you’re reading Mr. Patterson, that’s the plan…

Besides the changes for seasons, I’m close to being done with the library.  One more coat of paint and I’ll be able to place the paperbacks on the shelves.  The trim is on and the green walls look stately somehow. I cannot wait to get back in there to write!  The process hasn’t taken as long as I thought it would.  I have about a dozen more books to add to the data base and then I’ll be able to cull the duplicates and print out a list of the titles.

Of course, when that’s finished, I’ll want to start on the hardcovers.  Luckily the walls behind those shelves are already painted…