Month: March 2010

It’s my blog and I can end sentences with prepositions if I want to.

And so much for ‘bonus’ blog entries, though I’m glad that I’m still on the schedule I imposed upon myself. These last two weeks were filled up with incredulity. The superintendent of our schools and the impotent BOE who act as though they are powerless to stop her have been annoying lately. I tend not to care one way or the other in such matters, but the audacity has been brazen.

This ‘woman’ was fired from her last job and the chumps on the BOE took her puffed up resume and agreed to let her loose on our faculties. The teachers are afraid of being fired. The superintendent is raking in the dough and it’s all just so much crap.

You know who needs the retreats, the new furniture, and the raise? The teachers. And who is getting them? Ms. Wright — and if that name isn’t ironic, I don’t know what is…

Nevertheless, the shenanigans are just fodder for future fiction. I re-read Stephen King’s On Writing this week, always a good book to review the basics with. I applied the 2nd draft = 1st draft – 10% on an essay I wrote a while ago. Stripped down, I think it is a better piece than it had been. The Buffalo News put out a call for work and I submitted that one.

I also did something I’ve not attempted before. I simultaneously submitted one story to three different magazines. Normally, I’m against this practice, but with the three I submitted to, the average response time was four months, so I don’t feel there’s any harm in what I’ve done.

Last night, I read the version of ’Screwed’ I submitted to the writer’s group. I wish I had been able to trust my instincts a few months ago. The original (fourth or fifth revision) I sent was strong; it only needed a few changes as opposed to the many I was struggling to fix in the eighth revision I incorporated the writer’s group’s suggestion into. Too many cooks…

And yesterday was brilliant. Blair and I ran errands and shopped and had lunch at Red Lobster (Lobster-fest baby) and when I came home, the lovely little contract had arrived, making it a step closer to seeing another thing I wrote in print…