Month: February 2010

Another Sunday

Like everything else, I think I will need to modify even this, my ‘easy’ blog. While writing here once every two weeks will not fall to the wayside (I hope) several times during the past two weeks, I wanted to write. The only thing stopping me was that I had said it would be a bi-monthly blog. So, now it’s a minimum of two posts a month. What did I feel the urge to write about?

Submissions, waiting and the feeling of acceptance. I frequent the short story discussion boards of Zoetrope and for whatever reason, the ‘celebration thread’ has held my interest for the last month. Last week and this one I entered my stats. Marko Fong is the person behind the recent posts and it’s inspiring. While virtual, it reminds me of the ‘after hours’ portion of the writer’s group I coordinated several years ago. After the meetings in the private dining room were over, the editor of the local paper and a man who has gone on to some political prominence and I would go for a beer in the bar in the Leland House. Triumphs and disappointments were discussed and encouragement offered.

 I’m averaging (and that is my latest goal) three submissions a week. I’ve been using Duotrope’s Digest to track my submissions. I think it’s a brilliant system. It helps to know how long I have been waiting and knowing when a response might be arriving. Rejection isn’t any fun, but this week I was offered some useful advice from an editor about a story I sent in. The next one I send there I hope will be the charm. I did have a story accepted and that feeling is fantastic. In the April issue of Eclectic Flash Literary Journal–Chief Editor’s Desk , look for my story “Quick and Dirty.” That’s all for now. My husband is painting the ceiling and the fumes are getting to be a bit much. Until next time…



First posts have such an emphasis placed on them which makes it so hard to write them. Should I be witty? Tell a joke?  State things sarcastically? How about attempting to be just  myself… What will I do?

I welcome you to read this blog though I will be straight up honest with you, I am aiming for a post on every other Sunday.  Why?  Because while I’ll be thrilled to have you stumble across this page, I am a writer.  Most of my energy is going toward new work.   I am starting this blog as a place for you to find out just where those pieces have ended up – either in print or on a zine.  I was able to link one of one of my ‘most colorful’ pieces so you could listen to what I can do in a few words. I’m still learning the tricks of linking, so patience on your part would be appreciated . 

And that is it for my first post.  I hope to find you back again around here in a few weeks.  I’ll probably have a lot more to say by then…

Thank-you for stopping by.  So far, this is just between me and you. Are you going to keep it a secret?